We curated a wide range of artworks that are influenced by fantasy, opulence, fevered ideas, wild adventures, and more. What do you envision when you close your eyes and imagine what a lucid dream should look like?

 Ranabir Saha, Colors of the Jungle 1, 2022, Acrylic, 91.4*152.4 cm

Our emotions and thoughts, possessions and propriety, wealth and beauty, combined with fear and incomprehensible architecture, rove through our minds and combine to form fantasies or even nightmares. We keep returning to several of them as well.

The artworks inspired from dreams and elements of fantasy bring you the feeling of memory to begin with. As you foray into the canvases and what they have to say, you delve deep in your mind, a room of distress, classic comedy or a babble or induction of monstrous waves. It can be a colour, or texture or the taste of lands within those paintings, but they remind you of days of childhood in the desert, with sherbet and honey, khus and marzipan. The witch in your nearby tank area dressed as a girl with the apple orchard. Robots taking over the world with all the stress from these rising NFTs and line art. Your face in the local newspapers. An old woman's charm bracelet rattling in your ear, the one you heard as a baby. Do you still remember? Talking cats from wonderlands. Abstract figures of youth from gardens resembling Eden that you had read about in a retelling. String of news splattering like rain when you're waiting on a judgement, or you, painted in the colours you saw in an artwork in the museum. Textures of cloth. Faces of rebellion from the band music. Euphoria. Banter. Delusional Dystonia.

Sandip Daptari, The News, 2022, Oil, 101.6*76.2 cm  and Tannon Thongsri, Cement Factory, 2019, Acrylic, 88.9*149.9 cm

If you thought of all those dreams and fancies present in your mind, closed in shutters of the subconscious and the ones to come, find them in art. Maybe that was the point. 

 Anoop Kamath, Horse Ride, 2021, Acrylic, 106.7*152.4 cm

What does art remind you of when it dances on the walls, interiors, lobbies? Who do you dream of in your dreams and fantasies?