• How do I place my order?

    Buying art on Easel Stories is easy. Place your order by clicking on the Buy Now button, entering your Shipping & Billing address. Our payment gateway allows you to pay by Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking. Please call Easel Stories and ask to speak to one of our team members if you wish to pay in another way.

  • What is the authenticity proof that I get with my purchase?

    Creating a new, vibrant, unique environment for showcasing your best art is the primary objective of Easel Stories. In order to support authenticating your art, and to enable you to resell it in the future, Easel Stories issues you a certificate of authenticity from the artist upon purchase of any art made by one of our partner artists. When buying work from a reseller or gallery, Easel Stories will provide a letter of authenticity signed by them and backed by documentation.

  • What is a Wishlist?

    Browse artworks and click 'Wishlist' to keep a list of your personal favorites as you browse. Then, make a final decision together based on the list. The process will allow you to eliminate options faster than any other method. Your ‘wishlist’ collection also helps us understand your tastes and style, and helps us suggest new artwork that may appeal to you.

  • What is “ES Recommends”?

    Art is what drives us all at Easel Stories. There are a few artworks that we absolutely love, out of hundreds that we view every single day! “ES recommends” represents what we think are amazing works of art.

  • I don’t know what to buy? How can I get some help with choosing art?

    Our site offers many features to assist you in choosing art carefully. First, try using our filters in the Artworks section. They let you shortlist artworks by colour, placement, etc, which will help narrow your choices down. Use the 'favourite' button to compile a list of favorites you can refer to later, or share with someone else. After you've narrowed your choices down, even more, try Art on Wall to see what it looks like and really visualize the artwork in your home. You can reach out to our art advisory team if you still need assistance. They will provide you with recommendations.

  • How do I choose between different mediums like oils, watercolours, etc?

    Each medium has its own unique qualities. The beauty of oil on canvas, for instance, comes from the layering, texturing used by the artist to add depth to the piece. Conversely, watercolours have a much moodier feel, and their colors can have a dramatic effect on a room, from bright and vivid to dark and impressionistic. As always, we at Easel Stories recommend that you choose art not by the medium but by how it speaks to you. Although different mediums require different handling and care, you may choose based on this. Humid and moist climates make paperwork unsuitable for display, as they will need to be glazed. Aside from these factors, choose an artwork that you like and enjoy.

  • If I buy an artwork that is a resale work, how will I know it is an original?

    In the case of re-sale artwork, the re-seller/gallery provides Easel Stories with an authenticity certificate or the provenance of the artwork. You can also request access to these documents by writing to us at contactus@Easel Stories.com. Be sure to verify the authenticity of these documents before you purchase an artwork. When you purchase the artwork, make sure that you receive all the appropriate documents with it as well.

  • What is a Privilege code?

    If you are a registered collector on Easel Stories, you will receive Promo Codes from us. By offering promo codes, customers can benefit from discounts or schemes designed specifically for them. Promo codes may be given to you for a particular artist, a popular lot no, a specific time period, etc., or any other item. You can receive them over SMS, email, or on the site itself, so keep an eye on your inbox!

  • How do I use a Privilege code?

    If you receive a promo code from Easel Stories – whether over email, SMS or on the site – you can enter the details at the time of check-out to get a discount. A promo code cannot be used more than once, and each promo code has an expiration date.

  • What is art advisory?

    There may be times when despite all your efforts, you haven’t found a piece of art that really speaks to you. Or, you may have a specific need in mind – like matched pieces, or a very large oil on canvas in warm colours or some specific artist – that you couldn’t trace on the site. Alternatively, you may be an interior designer who needs many artworks to decorate an entire building. Whatever your need, our art advisory team will help you find, shortlist, visualize and finally purchase the art of your dreams. You can trust us to identify and shortlist works that match your tastes, as well as create a lookbook that will help you find the best artwork.

  • Will the photograph on the site be the same as it will look in real life?

    Photographs on the Easel Stories site go through many quality checks before they are uploaded, so they're as close to the original as you can get. It is often better in real life than on paper. However, the impact of art depends on many factors - the size, the mount, the frame, the light that hits the surface, and many others. You can also read reviews from our buyers here