Cancellation/Refund Policies.

Order Tracking

After placing an order, you will receive an email from us containing all the details of your purchase. We will also be in touch if we need any further information to verify your payment. Once your order is approved, the relevant Easel Story partner will aim to dispatch it within 7 business days.

Depending on your location, delivery will normally take 4-6 business weeks from dispatch. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with tracking information and an estimated arrival date. We will do our best to keep you informed at every stage, and you will be notified of the courier details by email and/or SMS. You can also follow the delivery progress under ‘My Orders’ in your Easel Story account.

If you place multiple orders from, please keep in mind that your items may arrive separately. While we aim to always deliver within the specified times, we shall not be responsible for delays that may arise due to customs clearance or failed payment approval(s).

Once you’ve received your artwork and are satisfied about its arrival, the authenticity certificate and courier condition, you need to confirm the receipt of your order to us. We would love to hear your feedback at this point – both on the artwork, as well as on the Easel Stories experience. Please also do try to send us pictures of your art in its new home! You can email us at


Shipping Information
Easel Stories orders are usually delivered by our Courier Partners from Monday to Friday between 9am and 7pm. As every order is unique, shipping costs vary depending on the size, weight, framing and destination of your chosen items.

All relevant delivery options available for your order and to your destination will be displayed at checkout. Should you chose to have your item(s) shipped through your preferred courier partner, please drop us an email at contact@easelstories.comwith the relevant details.

Please keep in mind that our shipping times should be used as a guide only and are based on time from dispatch. Easel stories cannot take responsibility for customs clearance delays or failed payment approval, though we will try to minimize any potential delays to the best of our ability.

Duties & Taxes
You shall be responsible for all duties and taxes that may be levied on the artwork subject to local laws and regulations.
If you are ordering from within your own customs zone or country, import duties will not be applicable; however, you may need to pay applicable local taxes. For items purchased and shipped within India, these are included at checkout.

We request you to please contact your local customs office or respective tax authority for further information.

To contact our customer care regarding any query, Call or Email at

For Shipping to USA

For international orders shipped to customers in the US, please be aware that US Customs may ask for your IRS, EIN or SSN number before enabling delivery to your address. You will normally have one week to provide this information before your order is returned to the Easel Stories partner for a refund.

Please contact us if you need any further assistance.