About Us

Art has become increasingly important to us, whether through culinary experiences, fashion or colourful graffiti and murals splashed on walls. Easel Stories began its journey by locating inspiration in corners of cities across the world.

Founded in 2015 with the objective of taking talent deprived of opportunities to the world, Easel Stories connects emerging artists with audiences. We foster their creativity and make their artworks available to collectors, patrons, and art enthusiasts who, like us, love experimenting and adding diversity to their art collections.

Join us as we support and encourage artists with exceptional artistic skills and vision from India and around the world.

Through multiple initiatives, we bring new collectors, artists, and art enthusiasts together to enjoy contemporary art in its fullest sense. We envision taking this initiative beyond showcases and exhibitions. Below mentioned are a few such initiatives by Easel Stories:

  1. Artist Residency Program, where master artists create art live while interacting with the audience by explaining their work, techniques, and the stories behind their canvases.
  2. Commission Your Piece service allows our patrons to commission works of art by collaborating with an artist to suit their aesthetic preferences.
  3. View-At-Home service allows our collectors to view the artwork at home before buying it.

Tarunima Sen

Photographer & Founder Easel Stories

Tarunima Sen Chandra is an artist-photographer, who loves capturing narratives around cultural and traditional representations of society. She has a MA in Sociology from Delhi University and, currently, resides in Delhi. She has, previously, acquired many feats in her lens based practice and she intends to keep her lenses focused for many more interesting captures.

Akshay Chandra

Founder Easel Stories

Akshay Chandra has had several feats in the corporate world and, now, he has acquired his own feat in business too. The Arts has always played an important role in his life and he began his journey by visiting art-shows and interacting with artists from around the world. He currently extends his support as a patron and as an active participant in the artist communities in India.

After his MBA from Amity University, Noida, New Delhi, Akshay pursued several courses in Art Management from reputed institutions around the globe. He has attended Sotheby's Institute of Arts, London. He has also attended courses at Christie's, London; Art Tactics, U.K.; University of Melbourne; and Museum of Modern Art, New York.