Sonali Maitra Paul’s bronze sculptures done with lost wax process are a selection from her series that focus on people’s lives, communal fraternity and fun adventures. Under sunshine and moonlight, we find examples of the sweet life in these sculpted characters of her making.

The figures in Paul’s works move to illustrate the very fond things we like in life, but three things we like the most: love, love, and love.

Sonali Maitra Paul, Generations, 2021, Bronze Sculpture, 50.8*30.5*22.9 cm 

 The eternal tempo of lounging on a bench around early morning, basking in the sun, watching shapes in the moving clouds, brewing pots of coffee, meeting in a local café and picking toffees at the flea market, filmy scenes, literary quotes, meaningless jokes, eloquent conversations, being lost in daydreams, beyond imaginings, the ones we often wonder how to create, but really, it takes nothing. 

In the fashioned figures and emblems, we spectate park pews under street lights where children went to study, grandparents would go sit and chat, even gossip, and youngsters would rest under shade. The sculpted works remind us of the jokers on unicycles we awed at, flutes sold on carts, guitar players and mimics, children at play, lovers and families, creators and dreamers.

Sonali Maitra Paul, Circus of Glory, 2021, Bronze Sculpture,30.5*22.9*7.6 cm 

Art works by Sonali Maitra Paul are ornaments of goodwill and prestige, groupings and pride, grand ideas and powerful unity where pieces in bronze reaffirm the epitomes of the sweet life one leads that have more meanings than one. The technique imbibed in her works allows the art to have gentle connotations, blurred specimens and stories sewn into the art. Homes, studio spaces, work areas and gardens can boast of these principles, as well as indulge, induce and annunciate their hearts’ desires with these memorabilia.

Sonali Maitra Paul, Song Maker, 2021, Bronze Sculpture, 61*22.9*8.9 cm