Epochs of turning tales, stories and cultures yearn for their roots every so often. These woven romances and anecdotes protrude from paint, and peer into the wishing well of all our times. Art spins in bellowing bouts around mythology, folklore and fictions. This essence makes for well dimensioned views of our stories as they are told, in memory and practice. Karthikeyan’s art pieces appear as detailed odes to old times, slow burn ardors and the beauty of the aesthetics of life, and love. The artworks remind us, and reek of cultural ties with our lore, songs of youth, the abundance of colors and beauteous beliefs.

Karthi Keyan, Tree of Life 10, 2018, Acrylic, 152.4*91.44 cm 

Karthikeyan’s art is a brazen melody of colorful surges, sonnets, sweet ideals and the playfulness of tales of mythos. The rich expanses he creates prove to display a powerful scene and characters on his bulging canvases, and paintings that borrow their spirit from a timepiece of the past. The art ideologies and techniques of nuance used in the paintings are a predominantly proficient combination of social groups, their lifestyles, brackets of longstanding midnight tales that come back to us as we admire the works. 

A grand encounter with enlightening visuals brush past in all the emblematic painted works. Figures of people peeping from trees, magical draws, birds and animals, trees of life, ripe fruit, the known figure of Lord Ganesha, whose fantastical elements find way into new beginnings and blessed rejuvenations. The use of minute methods in the artist’s paintings have long been a way to process the leisurely, and unhurried beauty. Each part of the art he creates bursts into hues of tradition that trickle into our identities, customs, expression and display.

The art is a lively rhyme that exists not only to regard importance, but also to put into context the reemergence of history and stunning antiques of all kinds. We learn to decipher the symbols of eternity with significance, as part of lives even today, in society, economies, philosophies, picture and communication.

Karthi Keyan, Tree of Life, 2019 Acrylic, 60.96*60.96 cm  

Karthikeyan has an art style that transfers one to the glory, glamour and grand exhibition that we are known for, with all its simplicity and innocence intact. It is a true marvel of rich stories, and our mediums to tell them. The emergence of deep colors in an outstanding effect, the mangoes of lasting summer, chirping and chatting in blurred languages, home under the open skies. Karthikeyan K.R. has a rare gift of portrayal, encompassing a large expanse of India, with all its diversity and flavors. A look into his art can assure a collective force of belonging. That is the power of art forms. 


Karthi Keyan, Tree of Life 8&6, 2018, Acrylic, 121.92*83.82 cm