A forest blooms in speckled entities: youthfulness of light, the wisdom of its barks, fun with the breeze, fermented riddles, stories of allies.

Shuvankar Maitra, The Reflection and the Shadows, 2019, Acrylic, 60.96*121.92 cm

The artworks created by Shuvankar Maitra are wondrous entities within the canvas. Each day as one wakes to the thoughts of the forest, one can imagine the trickling sunlight on its green leaves, meant to host the yellow rays. Each night as one sleeps, the simple thought of moonlit branches generates poetic verses, a quarry of life cycles, even foundations of horror. Maitra’s art revolves around the epitomes of creating these nourishing trees, hues of wonderlands, nature and pastoral paintings and art. But also, it resolves the wish to preach our natural lands in exquisiteness. Heterogenous hues of life dribble into his art pieces, blending beautifully the vibe of the countryside, flora, enormous supporters of our ecosystem.

  Shuvankar Maitra, Yellow Flame Tree 2, Acrylic, 91.44*182.88 cm

Some examples of his works are, ‘Nights in the Forest’, ‘The Path Less Taken’, ‘Bloom’, ‘The Magnificent Tree’, ‘Moss Effect’, ‘Royal Gardens.’ Different art techniques are applied in the creation of pastoral paintings, and trees. His expertise, meticulous being, ideas of colour schemes and fine attention to detail form his art amid other talents he has acquired as a proficient painter.

The artist has been known to decipher a blurred touch, complexity of feature, traveling paint effect, and reflective picture. The art possesses the dexterity, and concern to showcase each time-phase of the forest. The moving jungles crisscross lively moments with enchanting depth as they appear to speak as they flow with their elements. Forest features express his splendid use of light, moss, and complexity. The paintings move one with their rhythm and old-world charm.

Shuvankar Maitra, I See Red, 2019, Acrylic,91.44*182.88 cm