The perpetual touch of unity in art and the ideals of synchronised creativity bring out surreal notions. A series of informed artworks, teeming colours and capturing originality come together to celebrate art and its many facets. Introducing the carnival of ingenuity, the artists of the series: Anil Soni, Afshana Sharmeen, Nikita Thakur, Anjum Motiwala, Pragati Sharma, Atul Kishan Gendle, Palak Modi, Saulo Metria, Nisha Gupta, Divesh Barua, Ritika Aurora, Meenu Garg, Nidhi Charan, Gomathi Sivasubramanian, K.K. Shreedhara.

The detailed sonnet created as part of techniques, wonder and use of shades of colour were the highlight of our open call for painters. Easel Stories Art Gallery presents a beautiful preliminary round of art from across the country where ideas meet execution, beauty meets dynamism and personalities merge. 

Ritika Aurora, The Garden, 2022, Oil on canvas, 121.9*61 cm and Afshana Sharmeen, The Umbrella 3, 2022, Acrylic, 61*45.7 cm 

Artworks come in a multitude of forms, including abstract wonders, figurative vivacity, tradition, modernity, buoyancy, and media. Paintings with spirits of mirrored lore and fiery rebellion take one through peaks of imagination and instill tales embedded in different parts of our subcontinent. A consistent journey moves from pages of a drawing book, a map of learning, towards canvases of representation. 

The freedom, expressiveness, and grace of art communicate to us. And it is only when stories come together to communicate with one another that we are able to understand their union, connection, and even the subjective substance that will continue to be exalted in the minds of many lovers.

There are occasions that allow us to pause, admire the luminous raindrops, and connect the mood of the rain to the city. Numerous brief anecdotes, humour, and an art form that captures the mood of a monsoon shine in the everyday simplicity of the neighbourhood.

Some pieces move to show diverse views of a drenched city in roaring shades of red and magenta, ivory and purple spots, exploring the philosophies of several personalities under one sky. Numerous encounters with the abstract, each with their own notions, mix media on canvas, blend neutrality with light and aim to articulate the pop of colour within. The brush strokes, movement and gushed looks explode the dimensions of exquisite performance. Appearance and glittering fish net patterns beam with pride and a certain calm, just like the energies of water.

When works of art form a series of a show, we often get to see their identities wrapped in a similar thought process. This time around, it was a rainbow of feelings: blazing, unrushed, majestic, and full of finesse. A similarity formed inside the pieces, showing the time after-noon.

Atul Kishan Gendle, Golden Evening, 2021, Watercolor, 76.2*55.9 cm, Meenu Garg, Imperishable, 2022, Acrylic, 76.2*91.4 cm 

Anil Soni, Pouring in Paharganj, 2022, Acrylic, 61*61 cm  

The imperishable golden evenings formed a mass of moods. Maple leaves brewed the pleasures of autumn, scorching traces of colour schemes elevated those evenings and brought out hints of the otherworldly. The unusual ways of presentation and duty of art were one of the most precious parts of the series. And no matter how spectral, one can sense each perspective of the experience of afternoon as it grows into sundown.