The artworks of Subrata Das are a visual verse of mythology from the Hindu Epics, Folk Tales and Stories spread around parts of India. They speak about a collection of beautiful anecdotes of a time in the past that hints its position in contemporary times as we learn of them, narrate bedtime stories, create dramatic arts and paint their pictures in our minds. A set  of customs and ritual work in his pieces are especially relevant in our celebrations and festivals.The display of work on his canvas is a breath of freshness in the perceived revelations of mythical exquisiteness and abundance. His art is an imaginative forest full of a torrent of radiant hues of blue and green, orange and red symbolising the strength and silhouettes of festivities and bonds. A recurrent theme of the arduous, quixotic, dear story of Radha and Krishna alternates with the bounty of natural utopia from his mind to his creative canvases.

Subrata Das, Tune of Love, 2018, Acrylic, 91.44*91.44 cm 

Our artist’s traditional paintings are lined with a flavour of fables amidst a cast of birds and animals in the pastoral surrounding of the couple from the narratives of pages of fabulous accounts and the inkling of just being: serene, calm, soft.

Our artist has represented his own vision of aesthetic beauty in simple rural landscapes to their stories within, with an expertise and fond interest in acrylic and mixed media art. Das has correspondingly reiterated the idea of a certain beauty in simplicity and grace. There is a cavernous sense of bold imagery in his art that takes us back to the times of an extrados of liberation, lore and the unhindered language of artistic expression.

A glimpse of history bares youthfulness, the truth of the historical banquet of our subcontinents and part of their intrinsic forte and layered arts. The multiple accolades that he has won up till now are an emblem of the fact that his art transcends across our diverse regions with its cutting-edge scenic lottery. 


Subrata Das, Couple 1&2, 2019, Acrylic, 40.64*30.48 cm

When we look into the playful scenes in his creations, we are reminded of the inherent value of humanity, the behaviours in the pious, age-old tales and layers within the paintings. Splashes of hovering butterflies on the blue inked pieces, the royalty in rustic shades, the leaves of fall, the innocence of the cows yearning for the music of flutes, and shining eyes of the peacock are periodic backdrops of his paintings that support the sagas in grand fashion. 

We even weave accounts of the attires of the time and their hints in our ethnicity even today. The looks of the glimmering eyes trace our path in abstract nuances. They move us to feel alive in consuming the art in segments of our ancestral stories, the bite of colour and the gorgeous gallows of the diverse, bold, beautiful, full-bodied traditions. 

Subrata Das, Abstract Cities, Acrylic, 53.34*45.72 cm