The Ghats of Banaras in India are one of the most widely visited religious and sacred sites. Mythology and spiritual hymns of Hindu Culture often speak of the water of the Ganges River as divine, washing away all sins to reach reparation. Sandeep Chhatraband too is known to be deeply associated with these golden ghats in Varanasi, an artist who holds the fruitful power and prestige to fuse the effects of his favourite place into a painting in poignant precision. 

One is drawn to the Ghats' plinths where they give opportunities for introspection, penance, and piety.

Sandeep Chhatraband, Varanasi Ghat, 2018, Acrylic, 121.92*243.84 cm

Sandeep Chhatraband depicts the moving soul of the sacred locations, whether it is the atmosphere of the ghats or the revered architecture of the Golden Temple in Amritsar. His acrylic paintings on canvas were made with the specific goal of capturing the tranquility he experiences while visiting these sanctuaries. With no prior knowledge of painting, he was drawn to the concept of tranquil spaces.Since he started creating artworks, he has realized that a significant portion of his life will be spent trying to capture the culture that is centred around these places where he has happy memories.

Dark blue tones, sun-like colours, shifting tints of the glistening waterways, and the shine of the materials used to construct these colossal structures, temples, and sacred sites make up the colour schemes of his artwork. When one looks at the artistic expression of culture, faith, and art, the viewer experiences the freedom that rests in his paintbrush and a freefall of belief. 

The artist creates techniques unique to his work, an expansive art narrative that is a grand undertaking to show cultural pre-eminence and preserve philosophies.