Sachin Sagre

    Sachin Sagre

    Sachin Sagare encapsulates the meaning and symbolism of the eternal feminine.

    To capture a moment, to tell a story, to describe an action, or to stir the soul are some of the fundamental tasks to which the artistic imagination addresses itself. Sachin yearns to create an ethereal world of imagination and eternity through his paintings, which continue to delight and surprise the viewer.

    Sachin says:

    “I always strive to portray a woman's emotional world through my paintings. I spent my childhood in a small village in Maharashtra, where I grew up surrounded by women who worked in the fields.

    After toiling in the fields all day, completing household chores, and other duties, they still actively participated in all cultural activities. They not only supported their family through love, affection, and care but also contributed financially. The contentment, happiness, and joy of these women are what I aim to portray through my work.”