Vernika Singh

    Vernika Singh

    Vernika Singh (b.1993) is a self-taught artist and has been making art for almost a decade. After her graduation, she chose to pursue her passion to capture movements and forms through her bronze, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, and fiberglass sculptures.

    Her work looks at the 'dynamicism' involved in making art while studying the kinetic moments in form. Athletes and their ability to move without being obstructed has played a very vital role in her narrative. A lot of her work engages with the richness of the physicality associated with time and speed which makes her work focus on fleeting memories of experiencing rigour and friction. Even though a lot of her sculptures are focused on building the momentum towards consequences, her work brings out the moment of active participation in sports.

    Given her young history of art-making, the artist has been showcasing her work in various prestigious platforms, including Saatchi gallery. Her work has been included in interesting collections too.

    Singh resides in New Delhi.