Open Call Art Photography - Culture & People of Banaras

Easel Stories Art Gallery, since 2015, has been a strong presenter and promoter of great art from all parts of India and works by international artists. We have had the opportunity to exhibit art that speaks of traditions, encourages abstract wonders, and hints at surreal ideas.

Sandeep Chhatraband is one of our highly regarded artists, and much of his work is inspired by the Banaras ghats. His works of art are elaborate odes to Varanasi and the sacred ghats that capture the spirit of India with its culture, ties to hymns, and history. To evoke images of the ghats in the hearts of viewers, the artworks play inconspicuously with light and shade.

We are currently looking for fine art photographers who have photographed or who plan to shoot Banaras in its beauty, form, and holy spirit from all over the world. At the end of the project, an exhibition showcasing artworks along with the selected images will be held at Easel Stories Gallery. 

Artists can depict the ghats at any time of day, in any season, and at prayer time with a variety of surroundings and people present as part of street and art photography. The selected images will then be painted exclusively by artist Sandeep Chhatraband with his own imaginative additions. We are delighted to explore artistic photographs from various angles and in a new light, showcasing the ancient ghats in their most cherished form. Please feel free to browse his works of art to gain a good understanding of his creations, his painting style, and the aspects he chooses to include in his artwork. We are looking forward to seeing a number of stunning photos.

Thank you, and wish you the very best!

Open Call Details:

Eligibility: Emerging, Mid-Career and Seasoned Photographers

Medium: Photography

Number of Photographs: 5

Format: High-Resolution JPGs with a minimum of 300 DPI


Submission Deadline: 15th October 2022